How to Apply Through Scandic Scholastics

How to Apply Through Scandic Scholastics

Navigating the more than 12 month long process is not only a complex task that requires total commitment by the applicants but it is also arduous. It is for those who are driven by the desire for educational excellence. This is why you will need a quality placement facilitating company such as the Scandinavian Scholastic Center (SSC). You must be aware that we too adhere to the highest standards of vetting when we support and help students gain placements in Scandinavian Universities. We will make your journey to a university in the greatest modern region in the world easy. To do so, we will work you each and every applicant on an individual basis.

You may apply directly or you may apply through one of our partner institutions in Sri Lanka such as a school or a university. You can find our partner list by clicking here.

The SSC places students in either bachelors or masters programs. There are various conditions and stipulations with respect to your qualifications that are specific to Scandinavian countries. These will be based on Grade Point Average (GPA), credit hours, work experience and many more.

Before you start your application process, we strongly recommend that you view our short primer video. It will provide you with a background of the various key aspects of the recruitment process. Viewing this video will help you immensely in your subsequent journey to a Scandinavian university.

Next, we strongly recommend that you click here to understand the application process. This page will give you a foundation idea of what to expect once you start on your application.

Finally, go to the application submission area by clicking here. Once your application is completed, you will be assigned a member of the SSC staff who will liaise with you throughout the application process.

During your application process, we shall take you under our wing and consider you as a valuable member of our family. We shall therefore, vouch for the fact that we will never break your trust. However, you must understand that in a family, trust works both ways and we trust, sincerely, that you do not break our trust in you either.