Our Promise

In today’s world, there are many negative forces such as greed, fear, jealousy, anger, selfishness, and conflict that seem to be leading humanity towards its own destruction. Much of the harm we inflict upon our planet can be attributed to the values and goals instilled in our children through our global societal beliefs. When we observe the state of the world and its problems, it becomes clear that our education system has played a significant role in contributing to the suffering we experience.

The complexity and uncertainty of our societies make it extremely difficult to predict what the near future will look like. As educators, we are faced with the challenge of preparing our children for a world that is largely unknown to us and them. It is widely acknowledged that this is an impossible task. If we cannot foresee the future, how can we equip our children to face it? The answer is that we cannot fully prepare them. However, we can provide them with the tools they need to solve unprecedented problems.

This cannot be achieved by forcing children into specific areas of expertise, such as mathematics, medicine, or mechanical engineering. Instead, it requires teaching them systems knowledge and fostering interdisciplinary thinking by combining different fields of study. Scandinavian educational systems have embraced this approach, and we, Scandic Scholastics, aim to introduce students from Sri Lanka and its diaspora to this method, which is increasingly being adopted worldwide.

Therefore, our promise to you is that we will make every effort to guide your child, your protege, or your ward along the right path, presenting them with appropriate challenges and teaching them the right methods to become problem solvers in our collective global future.