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Scandinavian Student Recruitment: Scandic Scholastics has a wide range of options for the prospective student and in this primary service offering it allows students to use its automated system of application submission from which point, we take over and make sure everything that you need to submit for each program is completed. You have absolutely nothing to worry about from submission of application to getting an offer to advice on processing your visa. We do it all for you.

  • Educational Training and field visits in Scandinavia
  • Educational & Cultural Exchange Programs
  • Charity Works in Educational Needs
  • Motivational Guidance

We are a facilitating agency with years of experience who can really help ease you through the complexities of getting admitted to Scandinavian universities. With our unique, automated application system as well as our personal human touch our recruitment process is one of a kind that is not available to students from any other recruiter. Additionally, we recognize that for students in such countries as Sri Lanka, meeting the fees for a study program in these types of countries is difficult and therefore, we recognize that a scholarship is a vital component of their list of expectations. A large part of our focus therefore is to match skill sets with universities where the possibilities of scholarships either in whole or in part is a real possibility. The fact that we understand these matters and work to support students to navigate through them to finally fulfill your dreams and passions is one of the key reasons why the Scandinavian Scholastic Center is the most sort after student recruitment company in Scandinavia.

Terms and Conditions

The Scandinavian Scholastic Center has a very clear pathway to prospective applicants to pay for the services that are provided.

  1. The Security Fee: Once prospects have submitted their application, the SSC evaluates them and decided if they have a strong possibility of placement in a Scandinavian university. Once a prospect is shortlisted, an invitation letter is sent to him or her to accept SSC services and they are directed to pay the non-refundable security fee for which the applicant is given an instant confirmation of the receipt of the fee. The reason why the fee cannot be refunded is because the SSC takes a very limited number of prospects under its wing for each placement season.
  2. The Service Fee:At the end of the application process which takes 15 months to complete, if the student gets an offer from a university, then, the following applies:
    • If a student gets an offer but refuses it, then, SSC shall charge 1/3rd of its service fee. The reason why this fee becomes applicable is the significantly large volume of work that SSC does over a period of 15 months to position the student at best advantage for a university placement.
    • If a student gets and offer and accepts it, then SSC moves into the visa phase and supports the applicant to obtain a resident permit.
    • Once the resident permit is provided to the student, SSC charges its full service fee from the applicant.
  3. Refunds: SSC shall refund the security fee if SSC is culpable under the following circumstances:
    • The offer of a Scandinavian University was not accepted in time
    • A scholarship or early bird discount was not accepted in time
    • An application was not submitted in time

Sadly, not every child has access to quality education and the resources needed to fulfill their potential and pursue their dreams. Many are those with the capability but not the ability nor the opportunity. At our company, we have established a dedicated channel to support underprivileged children and address their educational needs. Through our charitable initiatives, we aim to bridge the educational gap and empower these children to overcome educational and non-educational challenges and create a better future for themselves. By providing them with educational resources, scholarships, mentorships and other forms of support, we strive to give them opportunities they may otherwise never have. We believe that education is a powerful tool for transforming lives, and we are committed to making a positive impact on the lives of every deserving child.

We understand that at times, loss of confidence, energy and enthusiasm can cloud our minds, weaken our will and hinder our progress towards achieving our goals. That’s why we offer motivational guidance services aimed at providing individuals with the support and encouragement they need to overcome self-doubt and realize their full potential. Our guidance is not limited to any specific age group or demographic; we believe that everyone, regardless of their background or current situation, will fail and fall and need to be picked up and set confidently back on their way. Through personalized advice, constructive feedback and motivational assistance, we strive toempower individuals to overcome obstacles, build self-confidence, and achieve their aspirations. Whether you are a student seeking academic success, a professional aiming for career advancement or anyone with a dream, we are here to help you overcome challenges and turn your aspirations into reality.